Stories from Terezin

by Norwegian Trees

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This is a collection of music and poetry written for my Senior Project at Trinity Christian School in the spring of 2013. This album is free; do not hesitate to download and listen.


released April 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Norwegian Trees Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Welcome to Terezin
Welcome to Terezin;
Where the grass is green, but the blood brighter,
The people happy, but the guards even more,
The choir sings songs praising the Lord,
but wait one moment,
Think about the real words.

Look beyond the illusion, see the real Terezin.
The grass is brown as dirt,
The smiling faces hide a loaded gun,
But the blood still flows bright,
and the guards are still ecstatic.
As the old man realizes,
"Yes, that's the way things are."
Track Name: A Prayer
As I lie wide awake,
I can't help but think about them.
My lover, my brother, my mother,
All I loved have been taken away.


Dear Lord,
Please forgive the sins of myself, as well as my loved ones, and more importantly, my captors. Like your son, they did not know what they were doing. I ask that you lift up my temper as well, so that I may become a better example of your grace. If they knew the real story, this would surely end.

In your name,
Track Name: Death March
That day, I awake in a haze.
Almost prophetical, I saw everything.
All were dead, the loaded gun fired.

Taken from rest into unrest,
I feel clean, but they wish to shower me.
Yes, I've heard the stories.

The preparations have been made,
They all wait for my arrival.
All I need to do is walk.
Track Name: The Rise
The gun that the prisoner hid
has been turned on the guard.
The empire is crumbling,
the days are numbered,
until we are free once again.
Our songs of rebellion have given us hope,
and now we haven risen.

Our sprits have stayed steadfast,
but their's have decayed.

We sing songs of the soul,
We have been freed,
Thank you, Lord, for your delivery.